We professionally disinfect businesses

We currently service the Stann Creek District


Disinfecting Grocery Stores

People have to get food.  We help them do this safely.  It is impossible to wipe down everything in a grocery store.  Our electrostatic disinfection process is perfect.  We save the grocer work + we help make your customer feel safe shopping at your store

We supply signs for your store so your customers know you properly disinfect and care about their safety.


Disinfecting Resorts

We professionally disinfect hotels and resorts.  We can do all of the common areas, offices, pool areas, restaurants, beach equipment, vehicles, etc.  This saves you time and ensures the safety of your guests and staff.


Government buildings

Disinfect Belize can professionally
Disinfect hospitals, government buildings, offices etc.  By their nature, these businesses are service the public and benefit greatly by electrostatic disinfection.